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About Buchanan & Buchanan, P.L.C.

John C. Buchanan    Raymond E. Beckering    Robert J. Buchanan

An Unbeatable Team

Our team, which combines law and medicine, is uniquely qualified to represent and help victims automobile and truck accident victims with serious and catastrophic injuries.

Even beyond the courtroom, our team's unique knowledge helps injured people and their families find the ongoing care, rehabilitation, services, and support they may need.

Top Rated and Exceptional Track Record

Buchanan & Buchanan has an exceptional track record of success in automobile and truck accident litigation. The firm and its trial attorneys have received the highest ratings by national and international law registries and directories, and are recognized as preeminent in ratings by judges, other attorneys, and clients.

A doctor in the house

Because of our concentration in serious and catastrophic injury cases, we took the unusual step of hiring a clinically experienced physician, full-time.

Dr. Raymond Beckering Jr., M.D. trained at the Mayo Clinic. He has 35 years of clinical experience, during which he was a county medical examiner and hospital chief of staff.

You may find other law firms who consult with health professionals. You may find some lawyers who also have medical degrees. But a physician with Dr. Beckering's background, working for the legal rights of injured victims, is a rare find indeed.

Email: Dr Beckering

Recognized by "The Best Lawyers in America"

The national guide to legal excellence, "The Best Lawyers in America," has inducted trial lawyers of the law firm as members of its prestigious rank. The bi-annual publication is based on surveys by lawyers and recognized as "the most respected referral list of attorneys in practice."

Martindale-Hubbell's Top Rating

The national and independent legal rating service, Martindale-Hubbell, has awarded Buchanan & Buchanan and every one of its trial attorneys with the highest achievable rating (AV - "preeminent legal ability and very high ethical standards").* An attorney must rank in the top 5% of the profession by confidential surveys of lawyers and judges even to be considered for this top rating. That is an impressive achievement.

Martindale-Hubbell also recognizes the firm of Buchanan & Buchanan in its list of "Pre-Eminent" law firms in the World.

Inducted into Primerus Law Firms

Buchanan & Buchanan also is a proud member of the International Society of Primerus Law Firms, a national association of law firms of the highest quality. Primerus is very selective in its membership. Those it selects and inducts after rigorous screening must maintain and adhere to the highest standards of work excellence, integrity, civility, professional education, reasonable fees, and community service. The Primerus seal assures one of the utmost qualities in legal counsel, nationwide.

Firm Commitment To Excellence

Our firm is committed to a high standard of professional competence and client service.

"We're Not The Type That Sues"

Despite all you've been through, you may have doubts about legal action. You have surely heard bad things about attorneys, and about people who sue. These shocking stories get politicians elected, the media more viewers and readers, and the insurance companies lucrative and unfair "tort reform" legislation at the expense of innocent victims. But most of these stories are not true, and certainly don't apply to all lawyers.

We Represent Decent and Honorable People

Our attorneys and the people we choose to represent are honorable, and are clear exceptions to all of these tales and distortions. Because we only accept excellent cases with merit, our opponents tell us that when we file an appearance, they take notice and recognize the matter is soundly-based and serious.

"Due Unto Others . . ."

Remember, under our country's laws, each of us has a duty to act with appropriate care toward others. This duty to avoid causing harm applies not only individuals, but also to corporations. It includes insurers, other automobile drivers, truck drivers, and motor carrier and freight haulers.

If you or someone you know has been devastated by an automobile or truck accident, we want to help.

171 Monroe Ave. N.W. Grand Rapids MI 49503
toll free: 800.272.4080 voice: 616.458.2464
email: mail@severeinjury.com fax: 616.458.0608
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